Hi, I’m Lee Pullen

Lee Pullen Marin County Public Official

Note: I no longer work for Santa Clara County. I am now employed by Marin County.

My name is Lee Pullen, a public employee focused on social and aging services. For 20+ years, I have taken my career from San Francisco to Marin County to Santa Clara, and  back to Marin.   The work that I do has been extremely rewarding and I hope that I can continue to bring value to the lives of those that I serve.

Santa Clara Government Center Lee Pullen

In the early stages of my career, I primarily focused on Adult Social Services. I helped coordinate services for seniors or adults with disabilities and ensured they maximized self-sufficiency as well as received protections from abuse and neglect. I took every opportunity to learn more about this line of human services and created a path to a passionate career in the field.  I was promoted to various managerial positions where I further increased my understanding on how to better shape the livelihood of the aging population.

After 10 years in Marin, a new opportunity arose in Santa Clara to serve as the Director of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS). I was experienced, prepared and excited to take on the new position, so I accepted the offer and began a long daily commute to San Jose.

The new position brought opportunities to effect large scale system change. By building strong collaborations and community wide planning,  we brought forth change and improvement to the Santa Clara County aging network

After four years, I was satisfied that things were in a place to self-sustain and continue to improve. Coincidentally, the position of Aging and Adult Services Director in Marin opened and I was delighted to bring my skills to this position, back in the community where I began my work in social services.

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